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Mineral Analyzer quotation

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Mineral Analyzer quotation

Messagepar xjxj45v » 21/01/2019 5:43 am

Genius 7000 XRF Standard Portable Mineral Analyzer
Advanced beryllium window SDD detector, with energy resolution of 139eV better than Si-PIN detector, peak-to-background ratio of 3000:1, wider effective detection area, quicker response, higher efficiency and shorter test time; the test performance is similar to desktop instrument.
Optimized geometric design, high sensitivity and low limit of detection; well applied in the detection of heavy metal pollutants, impurities and trace elements in mine.
It can detect Mg, Al, Si, P, Cl, etc. when it is inflated with helium;
Digital multi-channel technology is adopted to improve performance;
The power of light tube increased to 50KV\200μA to realize better incitation;
It can be connect with Bluetooth printer and print on the spot
Geological soil analytical mode is added to detect soil, sediment, drillings and rock core.
Performance as Outstanding as Desktop Machine
Introducing three core technologies: small power window integrated miniature X-ray tube, large dimension beryllium window SDD detector(the best detector in the world), and miniature digital signal multi-channel processor, to reduce test time, improve detection precision, lessen test error, so that handheld machine has the same performance with desktop machine.
Small & light, easy to carry
It is small, easy to carry, and convenient for wild work. It can conduct on-site and in-situ analysis at anytime anywhere.
Flexible screen rotation of Genius series more suitable for outdoor test
90°vertical and 270°horizontal rotation, reduce screen reflection, enable to scan data at any angle clearly;
Light element detection of Genius Handheld Seriesbr
The gas charging system can charge helium at ordinary pressure. Thus it can detect the elements from Mg, greatly expanded the detecting range of elements, satisfying the requirements of customers according to light elements detection.
Direct testing
It can detect any kinds of analytes directly, no need to prepare samples.
High precision, wide analytical range
The detection precision is close to laboratory level, from ppm to percentage (%)
Easy to calibrate deviation
Multi-testing modes and free adding of infinite modes, coordinating with automatic testing mode matching functions; it realizes one-key test. Built-in intensity calibration methods can calibrate deviation caused by different geometry shapes and inhomogeneous structure density.
Professional software
Professional skyray analysis software has new software interface and inner core, easy to operate, combined FP with EC; it is highly sensitive, with short test time.
The collimator filter, triple efficiency
Collimator combined with filter, triple the combination from 4 groups to 12 groups.
Faster signal transmission
Embedded system, HD touch screen (resolution 640*480), digital multi-channel technology, and SPI data transmission, effectively improve the data transmission ability and counting ability
Radiation protection, care for health
Multiple safety protection function, auto-induction, automatically shut-down X light pipe in 1 second with no sample in testing; the radiation level is far lower than the international safety standard when working, with no radiation leakage; accompanied with test shield.
Powerful battery, easy to charge
Lithium battery, with maximum capacity of 7800mAH, support 8 hours of continuous work, equipped with wide voltage AC charger or vehicular charger, enable to test at any time anywhere.
Multiple protection and durable in use
The instrument is waterproof and dustproof, supports continuously work under high temperature and humidity. Its protection box is manufactured with high strength military material, which is of good moistureproof, shockproof, and pressure resistant functions.
Easy to print test data
With Bluetooth interface, it can print on the spot through customized Bluetooth printer.
Application Superiority in Mineral Industry
1.Quick identification of sample ore, multi-element auto qualitative & quantitative analysis, multiple mineral modes selection and free adding of infinite modes
2.Built-in strength calibration method to calibrate the deviation caused by different geometry shapes and inhomogeneous structure density
3.With GPS function, applied in geological exploration and mineral in-situ testing, it can record the data into GPS. In the wild, it can search the satellite signal at any time, recording the longitude, latitude, altitude, and satellite number when testing, and save these data accompanied with the test report.
4.It can quickly test a big range of mining area, effectively detect the land belt mode, map the distribution of ores and mines, and realize mining rich mineral area in primary.
5.Test raw ore, concentrate, and tailings during ore washing.
6.Determination of the raw ores and concentrates when purchasing
7.Portable Mineral Analyzer Genius 7000/7000L XRF can test light elements, such as Mg, Ai, Si, P, S etc.
8.Genius series are equipped with HD camera, to get a direct visual of testing mineral vein and mineralized points.
Application of Portable Mineral Analyzer
Geological survey, environmental analysis:
Multi-element onsite quick analysis, widely applied in area and region general & detailed survey; by simply triggering the instrument, the content of trace metal element content can be shown immediately. It can be used to analyze and detect mine surrounding environment, tailings, dust, soil pollutants, etc., to assess the effect of mine environment modification.
Wild prospecting, core detecting of Portable Mineral Analyzer
Quick track mineralization abnormities, delineating ore body boundary. For minerals with low industrial grade, it can determine their cut-off grade easily. It also has the function of sweeping analysis on core sample, quick analysis on core and other drilling samples, drawing 3D mine map, analyzing reserve so as to greatly improve drilling efficiency.
Mine project analysis, grade control, and mining control:
Outline key vein in a short time and carry out key exploitation; quick identify ore grade, secondary grade and barren rock; improve mineral production efficiency, greatly cut test and transportation cost; accurate and rapid test on raw ore, concentrate, and tailings providing value judging basis for mineral trade, process and recycle.Mineral Analyzer quotation
website: ... -analyzer/

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