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Messagepar fish25fi » 29/07/2019 8:49 am

Our History
Founded in 2007, our company started with sodium metabisulfite as one of our pillar products. We moved on by launching new product line on emulsifierand water reducing agent in 2010.
We started as a small operation then became one of the leading suppliers in north of China.Our company relies on the excellent product layout which officially put into production of melamine resin in 2014. Moreover, we opened nonwoven production line with full use of the transportation advantage by selling them to various provinces of domestic market. Exported to the United States, Thailand, Africa, Australia and other countries from 2016.
Our Factory
JIESHEN is located in the Henan province, the middle of China, also an important hub of communication. Registered trademark "ZHONGYUAN JIESHEN",the company relies on stable and reliable product quality, advanced processing equipment, integrity and quality inspections have been widely praised.
Our Product
Over the past 20 years, JIESHEN has manufactured products as follows:
1, Melamine FormaldehydeResin
2, Melamine Glazing Powder
3, Sodium Metabisulfite
4, Nonwoven Fabrics
We conduct strict quality inspections over each product.
Product Application
● Melamine molding compound can be applied in a wide range, mainly for producing various melamine porcelain-like tableware used by hotels, schools, fast food restaurants and household.
● Acetanilide is a raw material for sulfonamides and can be used as an analgesic, antipyretic and preservative. Used to make the dye intermediates.
● Industrial-grade sodium metabisulfite can be used in waste treatment and reducing agent.
● SSS/SMS nonwoven fabrics we provided can be widely used in hygiene market and medical market
Production Equipment
We are capable to provide a separate production line to each individual model. For each product line, we equipped experienced workshop team and testing groups.
Our Service
Purpose of our services: from pre-sales to after-sale service forever.
Free sample - Timely feedback – After-sales follow up, we sincerely welcome friends and guests to come and visit our workshop. Hope partners give support, encouragement and criticism for win-win business.POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL Free Sample

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