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China Acrylic Acid Ion Exchange Resin

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China Acrylic Acid Ion Exchange Resin

Messagepar fish25fi » 29/07/2019 8:48 am

Product description
Milky white or light yellow opaque spherical particles, insoluble in water, acids, bases and various organic solvents. Larger expansion or contraction in different forms or different media. With a pH range of 4 - 14, it has the advantages of high regeneration rate, low acid consumption and large exchange capacity. From the cresol of cresol and itaconic acid or other double or diacetate and divinylbenzene as cross-linking agent, in the presence of porogen, macroporous copolymer beads are prepared by suspension polymerization, followed by hydrolysis and post-treatment. And transform to get products
Product show
Technical specification
Acrylic Acid Weak Acid Cation Ion Exchange Resin
1Moisture content(%)45-52
2Exchange Capacity(mmol/ml)≥10.8
3Total Exchange Capacity(mmol/ml)≥4.4
4Bulk Density(g/ml)0.74-0.82
5True Density(g/ml)1.14-1.20
6Defined Shear Rate%≥90
7Effective Grain Size(mm)0.40-0.70
8Coefficient of Uniformity≤1.6
9Particle Diameter%0.315-1.25mm≥95
10Ionic FormH
Reference indicator when using:
ITEMSReference value
PH range4-14
Max. operation temperature in hydrogen form °C100
Swelling upon complete conversion (H+_Na+) %≤70
Work exchange capacity mmol/L≥1600
Working flow rate m/h15-30
Mainly used in industrial water treatment, especially the removal of bicarbonate, carbonate and other alkaline salts, can also be used for the recovery of zinc and nickel waste liquid, separation and purification of biochemical drugs.
● Provincial Technical Center for R&D and Application of Ion Exchange; Shandong Provincial First Class Quality Inspection Organization.
● Professional design of new polymerization reactor and stirring and dispersing device. The polymerization process uses DCS control machine to integrate advanced white ball screening to ensure fine particle size classification and optimal product yield.
Basic classification of ion exchange resin:
The ion exchange resin can also be classified into a styrene resin and an acrylic resin depending on the type of the substrate. The type of chemically reactive groups in the resin determines the major properties and classes of the resin. First, it is divided into two major categories of cationic resin and anionic resin, which can be ion exchanged with cations and anions in solution, respectively. Cationic resins are divided into two types: strong acidity and weak acidity. Anionic resins are divided into two types: strong alkaline and weakly alkaline.
The time of delivery:
200g sample 2 days
25 liter 4 days
One full container 20 days
Other normal and fashion ion exchange resin as below:
001x7 Styrene ion exchange resin D301 Macroporouse
Moisture content: 45-50 Moisture content:48-58
Total exchange capacity: ≥1.9 Total exchange capacity: ≥1.45
Effective grain size: 0.4-0.7mm Effective grain size:0.40-0.70
Coefficient of uniformity: ≤1.6 Coefficient of uniformity:≤1.6
Payment and shipment
1. Is your samples free?
Yes, Normally our samples are free, but the clients have to pay the express charge. If you mind this, we will return the money to you after the order placed.
2. How to come to your company when arrived the airport?
Oh it is our big honor to meet with you, then we will arrange car to pick you up at the airport.
3. Q:Where is your loading port?
A: Qingdao Port, China.
4. Q:What is the payment terms?
A: T/T. L/C, Paypal, Western Union, etc.China Acrylic Acid Ion Exchange Resin
website: ... nge-resin/

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